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Yoga Store

Yoga Straps
Stretching straps for yoga

Yoga Strap 6' - Purple
Ideal for stretching and positioning. Allows the user to pull themselves into the proper exercise or stretching position. Made of strong cotton with plastic buckle. Available in two colors and lengths. Wt. 1 lb.

Danskin Yoga Strap
This Danskin® yoga strap offers a 6-ft, adjustable design constructed from durable nylon.

Gaiam 602-1206NATU6F Yoga Strap 6' (Natural)
No description

Danskin Yoga Mat with Strap
No description

Yoga Strap that converts to a carrying harness
7' natural woven cotton strap with double buckle to stretch a bit your practice, and also the strap converts to a carrying mat harness.

100% Woven Cotton Yoga Strap in Natural - 6' Long, Natural
No description

Yoga Strap
Buckle is a plastic Cinch which holds securely and releases easily. 6'. .5lb. Made in the USA.

SPRI SC-6PR 6ft Cotton Yoga Strap (Purple)
No description

COTTON STRAP C 6ft. YOGA, blue, 1.5" width
Cotton yoga straps are strong, soft to the touch, easy to hold onto, comfortable against your skin and have convenient end loops for your hands or feet. Cotton yoga straps are offered with two types of buckles. The metal D-ring buckle is easy to thread and adjust into position. Some people prefer the simplicity of this buckle. The new cinch buckle is a one-piece plastic buckle that is easy to cinch and its unique shape makes it a cinch to release. Some people prefer the silent nature of this buckle. Cotton yoga straps are offered in various colors and are made in the USA. Available in 6, 8, or 10 ft lengths, with C or D Buckle, and available in purple, green, blue, or natural.

Cotton Straps
These 6' cotton straps are great for participants of all levels. Also available in eight-foot lengths. One-piece plastic "Cinch" buckles that hold securely and release easily. Colors may vary.

Sky Blue Yoga Kit: 3/16"-1/4" Thick Yoga & Pilates Mat, Strap, and 4" Thick Foam Block
No description

Yogapro Yoga Straps: Strap type and length-Cinch Buckle, 8 feet
Another essential yoga prop at an excellent price., Available in natural color, and with a choice of a D-ring, stainless steel rings at 6 feet. Or choose, for only $1.20 more cost, a black cinch buckle for quick release with a length of 8 feet, as pictured in black only. The cinch buckle 8 foot belt is wider than the standard belt.                     

Emerald Green Yoga Kit: 3/16"-1/4" Thick Yoga & Pilates Mat, Strap, and 4" Thick Foam Block
No description

Yoga Strap
Buckle is a plastic Cinch which holds securely and releases easily. 6'. .5lb. Made in the USA.

Yoga Strap - Blue
Our Yoga Strap is useful for the beginner, intermediate or advanced Yogi. It is 100% cotton and 1.5 wide and 8 feet long. Use it for stretching during your Yoga workout. What do I get? Yoga Strap - 1.5W x 8 ft. L 30

Nautilus Yoga Strap
Our yoga straps help you get more out of every pose by letting you grasp and stretch limbs that are out of reach, and helping you stabilize poses.




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Yoga is A philosophical as well as physical way of life emphasizing harmony of body and mind.

What is Meditation:
Meditation is continuous contemplation or musing on a subject or series of subjects.



What is Aromatherapy:
Aromatherapy is based on the use and blending of undiluted, pure essential oils extracted from specific aromatic plants in order to promote healing.

What is Reiki:
Reiki is a system of Enlightenment and a Hands on Healing art developed in the early 1900's by Mikao Usui in Japan.


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