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Yoga Store

Yoga Equipment
Equipment for yoga and pilates.

Pilates Yoga Ankle Weight Kit
No description

Karen Voight Body Sculpting System
No description

Stamina Pilates Magic Circle with Workout Video
Improve your muscle tone and endurance with the Pilates Magic Circle from Stamina®. This kit includes the effective Magic Circle and a motivational video that demonstrates how the Pilates progressive fitness system can help you sculpt and reshape your body the Pilates way.

Wai Lana 151M Medium Yoga Ball Kit, 65cm
No description

4pcs Yoga Set
Comfortable and Durable PVC Non-Slip Mat Non-Slip Texture to help achieve desired position. Lightweight for Easy Transporation. Perfect for Indoor and Outdoor Use. Easy to Maintain and Keep Clean.

SPRI Pilates Power Ring and Video
Discover the amazing world of Pilates with this starter package that includes a SPRI Pilates Power Ring and Video. The Power Ring adds focus to Pilates exercises designed to tone and tighten abdominal muscles, inner and outer thighs, chest, arms, back and buttocks. The comprehensive video allows you to progress through a series of power ring exercises, which are suitable for both beginners and more advanced workouts. Imported

Bally Total Fitness Pilates Deluxe Kit
No description

Pilates Yoga Ball and Band Kit
No description

Yoga For Beginners with Patricia Walden: Format-DVD
Join acclaimed yoga instructor in this popular DVD programPatricia Walden as she offers you a safe and contemporary approach to this classical discipline. This program helps you develop strength and flexibility,reduce stress, increase energy, and enhance concentration. Yoga Practice for Beginners offers step-by step instruction in the yoga basics: 23 basic posesdemonstrated, Standing poses for flexibility and strength, Seated poses for a healthy back, inverted poses to soothe body and mind,gentle guidance indeep relaxation.                                        

Balance Ball Resistance Kit
No description

Winsor Pilates Workout Kit w/DVD As Seen On TV
The Winsor Pilates program is designed to tone and sculpt your entire body and help you lose weight, all at the same time. Mari Winsor has created this one-of-a-kind Pilates program that's guaranteed to Sculpt Your Body Slim in as little as 20 minutes a day. The key is Mari Winsor's dynamic sequencing -- a special combination of controlled movements that's guaranteed to shape and sculpt long, lean muscles.

Push-up Stands
More comfortable than traditional push-ups and a much better workout. Just wait until you see the results. Vesatile Stands Accomodate Close & Wide Grip Push-Ups. Non-Skid Base Keeps Stands movement free and protects the floor.

SPRI ES541R Green and Red Xerings (Medium and Light Resistance)
No description

Tri-Fold Fitness Mat
Triple layer fitness mat. Soft inner layer for user comfort. Strong outside layers resist surface damage. Folds in 4 sections with nylon carry strap for easy transport. Color: Blue. Wt. 2 lbs.

Yoga for Your Eyes
A complete DVD course on Dr. Schneider's innovative methods offer improving vision, naturally. These proven techniques-many drawn from the principles of Tibetan yoga-relax and retain your visual system to help you see the world with less strain, greater acuity, and more spacious visual field. Includes eye chart.

DVD, 74 minutes.

Stamina Wunda Pilates Chair
The Wunda Pilates Chair from Stamina® is designed to stretch and strengthen your muscle groups which are not easily reached by more traditional techniques and equipment. The chair provides exercises that offer great balance and control of the body and forms the basis of an entire range of advanced Pilates exercises.

Padded Meditation Bench
Our handcrafted natural-finish alderwood bench with a natural cotton padded seat has an ergonomic slant that reduces back strain, knee fatigue and pressure on legs. Its shape and cushioning enhance comfort, circulation, energy flow and the benefits of meditation. Folds flat for easy storage under a bed or in a closet. 181/2"W x 71/2"H. Shown on top of our Zabuton (sold separately).

KUSH Yoga Mat: Lavender Circles
KUSH creates high quality yoga mats that feature beautiful designs printed on one side. Our mats' patterns are not only attractive, but also assist with proper hand and foot placement in various asanas. KUSH yoga mats are the perfect thickness, strength, and aesthetic to support a rigorous and mindful practice. Feel free to either practice on the designed surface or the unprinted underside of the mat!

Stretch Workout Kit
No description

Phoenix Yoga Blanket: Color-Burgundy
These blankets are made of soft durable blend, 50/40/10 of acrylic, polyester, cotton which make them durable and very comfortable to practice with. The Phoenix style represents the flight of the desert aviator within the rich colors of its environment. Now we have new colors available, currently beige, pink, burgundy, and brown. These colors are not shown in the picture though.

Use this blanket as a surface for your inversion poses and forward bends. Savasana (corpse pose) is nice on top of one of these blankets and under one to stay warm.

These blankets appeal to yoga studios because they are wool-free and will not produce an allergic reaction in students that are allergic to wool.

The blanket dimensions are 57.5" x 80".


Body Lift
A yoga prop that makes standing your body upside down easy, safe, and comfortable. Reap the great benefits of headstand with no special strength, balance, or agility. Your shoulders rest on the foam cushion while your head dangles off the floor and your neck stretches to relieve tension and headaches. Molded black foam cushion, metal legs. Complete instructions included. Assembles in 2 minutes.
(14" high x 18" long x 20" wide. 11 lbs.)                                         

Body Sculpture BB-2300 Aerobic Trimmer Bands
Body Sculpture BB-2300 Aerobic Trimmer Bands

Zafu-Zabuton Set
Purchase the zafu and zabuton together and save 11%.

Home Fitness Equipment Mat 6 Piece Interconnecting 4 ft x 6 ft x 1/4 in - Shipping Included
Home Fitness Equip Mat 4'x6'x1/4-6 piece

Frelonic Pro - Individual Exercise/Yoga/Pilates Folding Mat - Jade
The key to Frelonic mats is the full 1/2" of closed cell EVA foam. This closed cell construction provides maximum shock absorption and protection from impact, and prevents the mat from bottoming out. The bottom is a special non-skid material. The proper surface is necessary for comfort and ability to perform exercises properly. The Frelonic Mat meets these needs at the health club and at home. The washable Ultrilure cover wicks moisture away. En Garde treatment provides permanent anti-bacterial protection.




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Yoga is A philosophical as well as physical way of life emphasizing harmony of body and mind.

What is Meditation:
Meditation is continuous contemplation or musing on a subject or series of subjects.



What is Aromatherapy:
Aromatherapy is based on the use and blending of undiluted, pure essential oils extracted from specific aromatic plants in order to promote healing.

What is Reiki:
Reiki is a system of Enlightenment and a Hands on Healing art developed in the early 1900's by Mikao Usui in Japan.


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