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The Basics of Aromatherapy

by Francesca Black

Aromatherapy is not a new phenomenon. In India, the "Basil" plant or tulsi is revered as holy and its roots are made into sacred beads and rosaries. In the middle ages, cloves of garlic still hung around the neck of a newborn as protection agaist dark forces.

It is very easy to get started with Aromatherapy, but there are safety issues that you need to be aware of. Most people interested in aromatherapy start with base essential oils creating blends. While its invigorating to experiment, care and caution must be taken at all times.

It is important you make a habit of reading the instructions given on the bottle. Essential oils should never be ingested and need to be kept away from delicate body parts such as eyes and mucous membranes. Dilute oils with water for full body baths and footbaths.

Essential oils with higher potency level such as fennel, hyssop, sage and wintergreen should be used in smaller doses while milder oils such as rose, lavender and chamomile should be used in comparatively greater quantities.

Avoid using citrus essential oils if your going to be in the sunlight within 4 hours. Some of these oils can increase your skins sensitivity to sunlight. Some essential oils such as angelica, bergamot, lemon and lime can make skin more sensitive to ultraviolet light and thus, skin needs special care after treating it with such oils.

It is important not to purchase essential oils with rubber glass dropper tops. Essential oils are very concentrated and will turn the rubber to a gum, thus ruining the oil.

As a general rule, do not exceed ten drops of total essential oils per mixture, and try to keep it around five for maximum effectiveness.

Contemporary healers see essential oils as having a particular affinity with the subtle energy or 'aura' of an individual and have a revitalizing and harmonizing effect. In fact the first rosary was made out of compressed rose leaves, giving off a pleasant aroma when mixed with natural oils from fingter tips.

About the Author
Francesca Black works in marketing at Organic Items and Aromatherapy Blends leading portals for organic products and essential oils.



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Yoga is A philosophical as well as physical way of life emphasizing harmony of body and mind.

What is Meditation:
Meditation is continuous contemplation or musing on a subject or series of subjects.



What is Aromatherapy:
Aromatherapy is based on the use and blending of undiluted, pure essential oils extracted from specific aromatic plants in order to promote healing.

What is Reiki:
Reiki is a system of Enlightenment and a Hands on Healing art developed in the early 1900's by Mikao Usui in Japan.


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